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Mar 15 371'4 373'0 368'4 372'4 -1'6 371'4s 01:30P Chart for C5H Options for C5H
May 15 379'4 381'4 377'0 381'4 -1'4 380'0s 01:30P Chart for C5K Options for C5K
Jul 15 385'2 386'0 384'6 386'0 -1'2 387'6s 01:30P Chart for C5N Options for C5N
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Mar 15 974'0 976'4 968'0 968'4 -2'0 968'2s 01:30P Chart for S5H Options for S5H
May 15 983'6 983'6 975'0 975'0 -2'4 974'6s 01:30P Chart for S5K Options for S5K
Jul 15 979'4 979'4 979'0 979'0 -3'2 979'6s 01:30P Chart for S5N Options for S5N
Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
Mar 15 555'0 565'4 553'6 558'2 4'2 559'2s 05:35P Chart for @MW5H Options for @MW5H
May 15 562'0 572'4 561'0 563'6 2'6 565'4s 02:41P Chart for @MW5K Options for @MW5K
Jul 15 571'0 580'6 570'0 573'6 2'0 573'0s 01:31P Chart for @MW5N Options for @MW5N
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Feb 15 154.475 155.450 151.600 153.500 - 0.425 153.525s 01:19P Chart for LC5G Options for LC5G
Apr 15 151.800 152.750 148.600 150.550 - 1.000 150.500s 01:19P Chart for LC5J Options for LC5J
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The EPA has published a draft of new rules that would require Bt seed companies to institute new requirements, such as mandatory crop rotation or the use of pyramided Bt hybrids, for Bt-users in areas of high rootworm pressure. See DTN Ag News. BNew Rootworm Rules...

The U.S. Senate passed a bill Thursday to build the Keystone XL pipeline after several weeks of debate on amendments and final court action by the Nebraska Supreme Court related to the pipeline route. The passage again puts the fate of the project in the Obama administration's hands. See DTN Ag News. 4^Senate Passes Keystone Bill...

The Upper Mississippi River/Illinois Waterway Navigation System was a marvel when it was constructed, mostly in the 1930s and 1940s. Today, the 37 locks on the 1,200-mile system of inland rivers are a mess. See DTN Ag News. 7^Mess on the Mississippi...

Farmers active in a new, five-year initiative to improve soil health are becoming part detective, part economist, part environmentalist and part publicist. See DTN Ag News. F^Sustainable Partners...

The Shawhan family business is soybeans. The South Charleston, Ohio, operation is a prolific producer of nontraited beans shipped to buyers in Japan. These producers go the extra distance to know their customers' needs and to produce a high-quality, high-yielding product. See DTN Ag News. @^Food Beans and Yield Winners...

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  • CORN (Mar 15) 372'4 -1'6 1/29/15   1:30 PM CST
  • CORN (May 15) 381'4 -1'4 1/29/15   1:30 PM CST
  • CORN (Jul 15) 386'0 -1'2 1/29/15   1:30 PM CST
  • SOYBEANS (Mar 15) 968'4 -2'0 1/29/15   1:30 PM CST
  • SOYBEANS (May 15) 975'0 -2'4 1/29/15   1:30 PM CST
  • SOYBEANS (Jul 15) 979'0 -3'2 1/29/15   1:30 PM CST
  • HARD RED SPRING WHEAT (Mar 15) 558'2 4'2 1/29/15   1:31 PM CST
  • HARD RED SPRING WHEAT (May 15) 563'6 2'6 1/29/15   1:31 PM CST
  • HARD RED SPRING WHEAT (Jul 15) 573'6 2'0 1/29/15   1:31 PM CST
  • LIVE CATTLE (Feb 15) 153.500 - 0.425 1/29/15   1:19 PM CST
  • LIVE CATTLE (Apr 15) 150.550 - 1.000 1/29/15   1:19 PM CST

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WMT 87.7200 0.9000
XOM 87.580000 -0.370000
TWX 79.7300 0.8400

This Day In History
January 29, 1984
Silvia Bertolaccini wins LPGA Mazda Golf Classic of Deer Creek

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Precip Friday for Northeast, Southwest
Bryce Anderson (Bio) – DTN Meteorologist

The Northeast will see some snow Friday, while the Southwest will see mixed precipitation. The Southern Plains will get moisture this weekend. » More DTN Weather Commentary

Posted at 2:13PM Thu Jan 29, 2015 CST

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