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Dec 14 370'4 375'0 368'6 374'4 6'6 374'2s 01:30P Chart for C4Z Options for C4Z
Mar 15 383'0 388'0 381'2 387'2 7'0 387'2s 01:30P Chart for C5H Options for C5H
May 15 393'0 396'4 392'6 395'0 6'4 395'6s 01:30P Chart for C5K Options for C5K
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Jan 15 1048'0 1052'0 1046'0 1049'0 17'2 1051'0s 01:30P Chart for S5F Options for S5F
Mar 15 1051'0 1056'0 1051'0 1056'0 16'4 1056'2s 01:30P Chart for S5H Options for S5H
May 15 1060'0 1060'0 1060'0 1060'0 15'4 1061'2s 01:30P Chart for S5K Options for S5K
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Dec 14 578'6 592'2 578'0 592'2 11'6 590'6s 04:54P Chart for @MW4Z Options for @MW4Z
Mar 15 589'0 602'4 588'6 601'0 11'2 600'6s 04:54P Chart for @MW5H Options for @MW5H
May 15 598'2 611'2 597'2 610'6 11'6 609'4s 04:45P Chart for @MW5K Options for @MW5K
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Dec 14 169.600 170.225 169.250 170.150 0.650 170.150s 01:10P Chart for LC4Z Options for LC4Z
Feb 15 169.650 171.050 169.600 171.050 1.000 171.025s 01:10P Chart for LC5G Options for LC5G
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White House spokesman Josh Earnest on Monday said in his daily briefing that the White House would "strongly oppose" a tax package for corporations, but not specific tax breaks for businesses. Sen. Charles Grassley called the tax-extenders package an important measure to help businesses and the economy. See DTN Ag News. 1^No Agreement on Tax Extenders...

Bearish concerns over this year's record corn harvest have eased, but are not completely gone. See DTN Ag News. BTodd's Take...

With the mismatch between low revenues and high fertilizer prices, some Illinois growers adopt a "1980s" spending mode. See DTN Ag News. BDTN Retail Fertilizer Trends...

In the aftermath of EPA's decision to delay the 2014 RFS volumes until 2015, biofuels leaders question the future of cellulosic biofuels in the U.S. See DTN Ag News. :^Cellulosic Certainty Sought...

Winter-like temps and precipitation are adding to delays on railroads. See DTN Ag News. @^Rails Struggle to Catch Up...

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  • CORN (Dec 14) 374'4 6'6 11/25/14   1:30 PM CST
  • CORN (Mar 15) 387'2 7'0 11/25/14   1:30 PM CST
  • CORN (May 15) 395'0 6'4 11/25/14   1:30 PM CST
  • SOYBEANS (Jan 15) 1049'0 17'2 11/25/14   1:30 PM CST
  • SOYBEANS (Mar 15) 1056'0 16'4 11/25/14   1:30 PM CST
  • SOYBEANS (May 15) 1060'0 15'4 11/25/14   1:30 PM CST
  • HARD RED SPRING WHEAT (Dec 14) 592'2 11'6 11/25/14   1:31 PM CST
  • HARD RED SPRING WHEAT (Mar 15) 601'0 11'2 11/25/14   1:31 PM CST
  • HARD RED SPRING WHEAT (May 15) 610'6 11'6 11/25/14   1:31 PM CST
  • LIVE CATTLE (Dec 14) 170.150 0.650 11/25/14   1:10 PM CST
  • LIVE CATTLE (Feb 15) 171.050 1.000 11/25/14   1:10 PM CST

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S5F 1049'0 17'2
W4Z 549'2 9'2
O4Z 346'4 -6'4
MSFT 47.4700 -0.1200
WMT 84.9500 -0.4500
XOM 94.780000 -0.940000
TWX 82.4400 1.3275

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November 25, 1976
Viking 1 radio signal from Mars help prove genl theory of relativity

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Local Conditions
Emerado, ND
Chg Zip Code: 
Temp: 20oF Feels Like: 8oF
Humid: 78% Dew Pt: 14oF
Barom: 30.01 Wind Dir: NE
Cond: N/A Wind Spd: 12 mph
Sunrise: 7:50 Sunset: 4:41
As reported at GRAND FORKS, ND at 5:00 PM
Local Radar
Emerado, ND
Local Forecast
Emerado, ND





High: 12°F
Low: -3°F
Precip: 20%
High: 12°F
Low: -8°F
Precip: 57%
High: 22°F
Low: 8°F
Precip: 80%
High: 19°F
Low: 2°F
Precip: 33%
High: 5°F
Low: -5°F
Precip: 0%
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DTN Weather Summary
Light Snow in Parts of Midwest Wed.
Bryce Anderson (Bio) – DTN Meteorologist

A weak low will lead to snow showers or a little light snow over the western and southern Midwest Wednesday. It will be mainly dry elsewhere in the key U.S. and Canada crop and livestock areas. » More DTN Weather Commentary

Posted at 12:47PM Tue Nov 25, 2014 CST

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~ Herodotu

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